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Why Rent When you can Own- Lets Turn A Relationship into an Opportunity

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Rent to Own Program

We offer a rent to own program customized to the needs and specifics of the tenant. If a tenant is an occupant of one of our properties we have a few programs available if they are interested to help turn them into the homeowner.

We like to think of it as relationship based, as banking was in its golden age. Thus, with a Longer term Relationship, we are able to go out on a limb a bit more & offer the best possible terms. In doing so, We consider the individual & their history with us, longevity, timeliness of payments, current/consistency, and are often able to offer an alternative to them as they may be unable to obtain conventional financing.

We feel that if you have performed according to your lease, and/or have a history of doing so & have the desire, we can be a large help in the transition for you. Not only can our Rent to Own program allow you to become the homeowner in your current state/on your own terms,  but by our recommendation of preferred credit repair facilities, financial counseling, & Mortgage professionals, we also take the initiative to guide you along the way and assist in any way we can, essentially providing all of the tools for you to get conventional financing, and then we work backwards to make sure you have a surplus of time.

We Turn Tenants into Homeowners, We Offer a Rent to Own Program which is custom tailored to the tenant & front loaded with a network of professionals to develop our tenants credit & or similar tools used by bankers, to help many of our tenants qualify for Conventional Financing.

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As part of the program we will put you in touch with a few of our preferred credit repair specialists to create plan to improve your credit tailored to your specific situation, and when feasible; often simultaneous, we will engage you with some of our mortgage professionals whom will analyze your current state and come up with a plan of action to be able to get you a conventional mortgage wherein you will then be able to purchase your home & become the homeowner opposed to the Tenant. While we hate to loose you, we hope you tell all of your friends & Acquaintances about us.

A few Benefits of home ownership:

  • interest deductions
  • price appreciation
  • milestone achievement
  • not reliant upon landlord or 3rd party
  • Permanent Housing Arrangement


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